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The following resources can be easily modified with personal information and used to increase awareness about your ACAC certification.

PDF File Press Release Template -- download a short list of instructions for submitting press releases to your local news agencies that announce your certification.  This document includes links to free online press release outlets as well as a template for creating your own release.  Just fill in the blanks with your name and designation and send!

PDF File Suggested Language for Legislation -- ACAC has developed legislative language for mold assessment and remediation regulations.  This verbiage favors independent, accredited certifications and is the model for current legislation in states like Maryland and Arkansas.  Suggest this language to lawmakers when your state begins to consider mold legislation.

PDF File Tips for Bids and Submittals -- this two-page document contains valuable hints on finding and competing for lucrative government contracts.  Included are tips for locating RFPs, preparing proposals, attending pre-bid conferences, following up with procurement agents and more.

PDF File Marketing "Blurbiage" -- a short press release template that explains ACAC's accreditation status and sets you apart as an elite professional.  Submit this short article to your local newspaper and raise your company's profile in your area. 

PDF File Certificant Form Letter to State Legislators -- this form letter introduces you to legislators as an ACAC-certified professional who is concerned that state legislation be developed with the assistance of industry experts. It offers your assistance to legislators or committees involved in indoor air quality legislation.

PDF File ACAC Letter to State Legislators -- this letter explaining ACAC's certification standards is signed by Charlie Wiles, ACAC executive director.  It offers ACAC's assistance to states developing indoor air quality legislation.  Send it to your state and federal legislators to remind them that industry experts should be involved in such legislation.


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Did you know that the state of Maryland requires ACAC certification as a prerequisite for its mold license?
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25 ACAC certification programs are accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). 
All ACAC examinations are compliant with standards published by APA, AERA and NCME.