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The Building Science Corporation makes current research on building science issues available to the public through its website at ACAC certificants can earn RCs by reading the following texts:

Text 1 -- Joseph Lstiburek, BSD-105: Understanding Drainage Planes

Text 2 -- Joseph Lstiburek, BSD-146: EIFS - Problems and Solutions and BSI-029: Stucco Woes

Text 3 -- John Straube, BSD-014: Air Flow Control in Buildings

Text 4 -- Andrew Ask, RR-0303: Ventilation and Air Leakage

Text 5 -- John Straube, PA: Air Leaks and How They Waste Energy and Rot Houses

Text 6 -- Joseph Lstiburek, BSD-107: Ventilation in Hot, Humid Climates and PA: Residential Ventilation and Latent Loads

Text 7 -- Joseph Lstiburek, BSD-039: Five Things and BSD-015: Top Ten Dumb Things to Do in the South

These documents are available free of charge from the Building Science Corporation.  Click a title to download the texts from the BSC website.

RCs available:  4 RCs for reading each "Text" above

Once you have read one or more of these texts, click the link below to take a short test on your reading at the ACAC online testing center.  All tests are open book, and may be completed at your convenience.

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