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Recertification Procedures

The ACAC recertification fee is $400 for a two-year recertification and includes a non-refundable $100 processing fee. (Vocational certifications carry a $300 recertification fee.)  A digital certification seal is also available upon recertification for a $50 fee.


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ACAC has implemented a streamlined recertification program that includes a simplified, paperless application process:

How do I qualify for recertification?

To be eligible for ACAC recertification, current certificants must meet the following conditions during the previous two-year certification term:

1.   They must attest to continued field experience in the field of certification (10 RCs), and
2.   They must be able to document 30 hours of professional development activity (30 RCs).

What counts as professional development?

Any documented activity that the certificant considers relevant to his or her professional development may count toward ACAC recertification.  Typical activities include:

- RC activities at ACAC.LIVE
- Continuing and adult education courses
- Attendance at professional conferences and conventions
- Membership in industry associations
- Reading tests at the ACAC online testing center

Visit our RC Calculator for a list of common professional development activities and their RC values.

A certificant's choice of professional development activities may be questioned during an audit (see below); in such cases, certificants may be required to explain the reasons for their choices. 

What documentation is required? 

Certificants must maintain documentation of professional development activities. Attendance may be documented by any of the following: attendance certificate, paid receipts attached to a brochure or flyer describing the class, copy of ID badge along with class description or other proof of attendance, etc. Submission of written documentation with the application is not required except from those certificants being audited (see below). 

If you are an ACAC.LIVE subscriber, your documentation is automatically maintained by ACAC staff as part of your subscription.

NOTE:  Certificants are now required to submit a current photo to at the time of recertification.

What is an audit, and who is audited?

Each year, ACAC will randomly select a number of certificants for an audit of professional development activities.  Audited certificants have 90 days from their certification expiration date to submit:

1.   A one-page form attesting to their continued activity in the field, and
2.   Written documentation of 30 hours of professional development during the certification term.

During the 90-day period, the audited certification remains active on a provisional basis.  Certificants who fail to submit proper documentation voluntarily surrender their certifications and must re-apply.

Where do I submit the recertification application?

When it is time to recertify ACAC sends each certificant an email invoice with a link to our online payment gateway. Certificants simply enter payment information and attest to their professional development activities by checking a few boxes. No scanning, printing or mailing is necessary.  The application and payment process takes no more than five minutes.

What if I am late in recertifying?

 Late re-certification is subject to removal of the designation and requires submitting a new application to the appropriate certification board.  Appropriate fees will apply.


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*  The CIEC and CMC programs are dual-accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)
    and the Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB).
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*  ACAC examinations are compliant with standards published by APA, AERA and NCME.
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