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OSHA Fact Sheets and Bulletins:

OSHA Regulation: 29 CFR 1926 - Crystalline Silica     4RCs     NEW

OSHA Guidance: Funeral Homes    4RCs      NEW

OSHA Hazard Bulletin:  Fluorocarbon 113     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Ebola Cleanup     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Guidance: PPE #1 and PPE #2 (two tests)     8 Total RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Mold #1     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Mold #2     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Pandemic Flu #2     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Guidance: Flu and Health Care Workers #1, #2, #3, and #4 (four tests)     16 Total RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Crystalline Silica     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Respiratory Protection Toolkit     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Respiratory Protection     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: West Nile Virus     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Asbestos   4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Guidance: Silica #1        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Guidance: Silica #2        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Bulletin: Lyme Disease        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Guideline: Materials Handling and Storage        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet: Perchloroethylene        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Booklet:  All About OSHA        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Hazard Alert: 1-Bromopropane        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Guidelines for Nail Salon Workers        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet:  Pandemic Influenza        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet:  Ebola        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet:  Avian Flu #1        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet:  Avian Flu #2        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Fact Sheet:  Avian Flu #3        4  RCs   (added 2015)

OSHA Guide to IAQ in Commercial Buildings       4 RCs  (added July 2011) 

OSHA Technical Manuals:

OSHA Technical Data on CO and SO2                 4 RCs (added November 2011)  

OSHA Technical Data on VOCs and Ozone         4 RCs  (added July 2011)   

OSHA Technical Manual Section II                      4 RCs (added Aug. 2008)

OSHA Technical Manual Section III                     4 RCs (added Sep. 2008)

OSHA Technical Manual Section VI                    4 RCs  (added Oct. 2008)

EPA Publications and Guidelines:

EPA Publication:  Glossary of Environmental Terms     4RCs     NEW

EPA Publication:  Garment and Textile Care    4 RCs     NEW

EPA Publication:  Occcupant's Guide to Indoor Air Quality     4 RCs      NEW

EPA, A Citizen's Guide to Radon         4 RCs  (added 2013)

EPA, Lead in Drinking Water Act - FAQ         4 RC (added 2013)

EPA Methamphetamine Guidelines (2009)           4 RCs (added Dec. 2009)

EPA Mold Remediation Course (pdf)                    4 RCs (added Dec. 2006)

CDC Publications and Guidelines:

CDC Publication: Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities      up to 8 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: TB Transmission Prevention in Healthcare Settings      up to 20 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: Latent TB Infection and TB Disease     4 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: TB Elimination     4 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: TB Fact Sheet     4 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: TB Prevention Guideline FAQs     4 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: TB Info for Non-Healthcare Settings     4 RCs   NEW

CDC Publication: Mycobacterium Bovis     4 RCs   NEW

OSHA Fact Sheets: Work-related Asthma     4 RCs   NEW

FEMA and Other Government Publications:

40 CFR 763 - Federal Asbestos Regulations        4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

40 CFR 745 - Federal Lead Regulations               4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines (2009)           4 RCs  (added Nov. 2009)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #1             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #2             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #3             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Guidance                      4 RCs  (added Nov. 2006)

Industry Organization Publications:

ALA Standard of Care for NH Mold Industry                   4 RCs  (added 2013)  

NY Toxic Mold Task Force Report                                4 RCs (added October 2012)

IESO/RIA Standard 6001                                           4 RCs (added July 2012) 

NADCA Position Paper on Chemicals and HVAC         4 RCs (added June 2012) 

NADCA ACR 2006                                                     4 RCs (added June 2012) 

IAQTV Videos on Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Fire       4 RCs (added November 2011)  

AIHA White Paper on Corrosive Drywall                4 RCs (added July 2011)   

CPSC Final Report on Chinese Drywall                4 RCs (added Dec. 2010)

CA EPA, Ventilation & IAQ in New Homes           4 RCs (added May 2010)

Research on Ozone-generating Air Cleaners         4 RCs (added May 2010)

Free Texts by Individual Authors:

Andrew Ask, Ventilation and Air Leakage         4 RCs  (added 2013)  

John Straube, Air Flow and Rot         4 RCs  (added 2013) 

Joseph Lstiburek, Air Flow Control in Buildings         4 RCs  (added 2013)  

Joseph Lstiburek, Ventilation in Hot, Humid Climates         4 RCs  (added 2013)  

Joseph Lstiburek, Climate-related IAQ issues         4RCs  (added 2013) 

Joseph Lstiburek, EIFS and Stucco -- Problems and Solutions         4 RCs (added 2013)  

Joseph Lstiburek, Understanding Drainage Planes         4 RCs (added 2013)  

Technical Paper on Health Effects of Dampness    4 RCs (added July 2011)    

Identification of Problematic Drywall                    4 RCs  (added Dec. 2010)

Industry reference texts (click a link to purchase):

IESO, Standard Practice                                                            4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

AIHA, Recognition, Evaluation & Control of Indoor Mold                8 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

Andy Ask, H2NO: Mechanical Systems & Moisture Control          8 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

Lange, Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine               16 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

ACGIH, Bioaerosols: Assessment & Control                               32 RCs total (added Oct. 2006 through Sep 2007)

AIHA, IAQ Investigator's Guide                                                     8 RCs total (added Mar. 2007)

IICRC, Standard S-500                                                                3 RCs total (added Feb. 2006)

IICRC, Standard S-520                                                                5 RCs total (added Dec. 2005)

Holly Bailey, Fungal Contamination                                             8 RCs total (added Dec. 2005)

H.E. Burroughs, Managing Indoor Air Quality                                8 RCs total (added Feb. 2006)

AIHA, Guideline 8-2007 (Meth Lab Cleanup)                                 8 RCs total (added Oct. 2007)


"The ministry of education for the island of Bermuda needed an independent IAQ person to evaluate what has been happening in some of their schools and to keep tabs on the firm from Texas doing remediation. One of the factors in my having been selected was that I am a CIEC…" -- Signed PG
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